Joelle- (n.) a Pennsylvania based freelancer finding love in all things


Animal lover, video game connoisseur, dreaming of the past, living in the moment, yearning for the future, learning every day and having a blast doing it. Joelle was born and raised in Athens, Pennsylvania. Athens is full of bigots and right-wingers, so Joelle moved to Philadelphia to better fit in with the social and political climate.

Joelle, like most writers, found a passion for the written word when they were very young. Reading and writing by age 5, well, you know how the story goes. Fast forward to college. Joelle left home for the first time, terrified, but ready to take on the world, or at the very least, Allentown, Pennsylvania. They attended Muhlenberg College and earned their B.A. magna cum laude a semester early with a major in English, minor in Film Studies, and a concentration in Creative Writing. It was mad expensive, so getting back out of Athens after graduation became a challenge. They started working at a local animal hospital to pay the bills and lived paycheck to paycheck for 3 years before risking it all to move to the City of Brotherly Love… during the middle of a global pandemic, so you can imagine how that went.

After relocating back to North Central Pennsylvania, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Now they’re working from home, writing for one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and life is looking better each and every day.

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