But what should I feed my pet?

In recent years, unique pet diets have taken off as an industry of their own. Some people swear by raw food diets, others are aggressively against them, and some prefer to home-cook meals for their furry friends. No matter your preference, these diets and the opinions surrounding them have become a source of conflict betweenContinue reading “But what should I feed my pet?”

Welcome to New Beginnings

I’ve been living in Philadelphia for about three weeks now, and I’m finally starting to settle in. This week, my roommate and I took on the challenge of dogsitting my parents’ two very rural Pennsylvania dogs. That’s Bailey on the left (Labradoodle) and Margo on the right (Golden Retriever). Originally, Bailey was mine. I tookContinue reading “Welcome to New Beginnings”

The Birds and the Bees

As none of you may know, my neighbor is a very kind and gentle elderly woman who loves gardening, nature, and birds. She has multiple bird baths and houses set up on her property. A regular ornithologist, she just likes watching them. As far as I know she has never owned a bird. After all,Continue reading “The Birds and the Bees”